As the data states, some people say that the air-conditioning use up the most electricity. A way to cut down on the use of the air-con is to maybe only on it when the weather is really hot, so when school just starts, it is still quite cooling so it is not a need to turn on the air-conditioner.

Some people also say that the projector uses the most electricity. We can cut down on the use of the projector by occasionally using the white board for lessons, we can also ask the students to use their learning device to go to the website for the lesson and the teacher does not need to use the projector to show the data to the whole class.

Other think that their MacBooks use the most electricity. There are many ways to cut down on the use of electricity from the MacBooks. Such as, lowering their screed brightness to minimum so as not to waste too much battery or turning off their MacBooks when not in use such as going for recess or after school ends, these are some ways to reduce the number of times the MacBooks needs to be charged, thus reducing the amount of electricity used.

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