Discussion of findings

Most students know how to save electricity by turning off electrical appliances,as this is the simplest way of saving electricity.Most people also use this method of saving electricity .They think that SST is spending quite a huge sum on the electrical bill,which means that they know SST is consuming a lot of electricity.

Most students think that the need to save electricity is great.This shows that they have been educated probably since young that saving electricity is important,and thus they know how to save electricity and the importance of it.So people that don't save electricity could be just too lazy,as almost everyone knows the importance of saving electricity.

They say that SST uses too much electricity and students are not helping to save electricity.So,we have to think of ways to encourage students to save electricity.Students have lots of ideas on how to spread awareness on this issue.This shows that some people really want to save electricity,and that they have good ideas on how to do so.Perhaps we could have monthly suggestions in the school on how to save electricity.

The air-conditioning takes up a lot of electricity and the students know that.Perhaps they do not always have to use they air-conditioning everyday,but maybe only when it is hot,as we still have fans that can cool us down.

People have been educated since young on the importance on conserving electricity and they know ways of saving electricity,so we need to find a way to encourage them to use more of these methods,and if they encourage more people,then more and more people will save electricity.

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