Data analysis

According to our survey most people think that SST spends around 2000-4000 dollars on electricity. This shows that people have an idea on how much electricity costs.

Almost everybody said that the ways they know to save electricity is by turning off electrical appliances when not in use which is what schools educate. But this is the generally the only way they know how to save electricity. But a good thing is that most people do follow this method of saving electricity.

Most people (85%) think that saving electricity is very important, rating an 8-10 on a scale of 1-10 on how important saving electricity is. This shows that people are aware of the need to save electricity.

Almost all of them say that SST uses too much electricity and that students are not helping. This shows that they think SST needs to cut down on electricity use.

Many people have many ideas on how to spread awareness and some are really good. This will help us and it also shows some people have initiative and ideas about spreading awareness of electricity saving.

Most people say that a major wastage of electricity is using the air-cons. It is a luxury and not a necessity after all.

Some people think the air-cons use too much electricity, others say that it's the projector or our macbooks. This shows that people have an idea on what uses or doesn't use too much electricity.

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